Speech Language

“The child may have a disorder or a set of problems but he or she is not the disorder. They are real human beings with real feelings, real desires and real wishes.”

Dr. Stanley Greenspan

Our Speech Language Pathologists' purpose is to assure that the children we work with are able to communicate those very feelings, wishes, and desires. Effective communication is fundamental to a child's development. It is the foundation for relationships and is essential for learning, play, and social interaction. When something gets in the way of a child's speech and language development, there can be social and academic consequences.

Our Speech Language Therapists help children overcome neurological, sensory, anatomical, intellectual, and social barriers in order to become competent and confident communicators so that the world may know what's in their hearts and minds.

Our Speech Language Pathologists have specialized training in the following:

Speech disorders
Receptive and expressive language disorders
Learning disabilities
Augmentative and Alternative communication
Literacy disorders
Social-Emotional communication
Picky Eating - SOS Feeding Approach
Hanen Parent Training
Orton Gillingham Reading
Myofunctional Therapy

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