DDW & Mi Via Programs

Rainbow Road Therapies’ vision includes supporting those with Intellectual or developmental disabilities I/DD to have personal independence regardless of physical or intellectual differences.

Rainbow Road Therapies Inc. offers services to people receiving DDW and Mi Via funding in their natural environments. Our dedicated therapists assist individuals with access to their community and activities of interest coinciding with their annual ISP visions. We are committed to providing opportunities to use resources to enhance lives and help with participation in communities. 

We commit to a Person-Centered Practice that provides informed choices for the individual with I/DD so they may fully engage in their communities with their peers who are non-disabled. We place Informed Choice, Conflict-Free Support, Support Coordination, Freedom of Choice, and Choice of non-waiver and/or non-disability as a priority.

Rainbow Road Therapies, Inc. assists people with I/DD in accomplishing their goals by:

 ✓ working as a team and providing authentic respect for individuals served

✓  maintaining goals reflected on the ISP ever-present for maximum gratification for the individual

✓ striving to maintain personal independence so that they may be employed if they so choose and be active members in their communities alongside their peers who are non-disabled

✓acknowledging the rights for competitive employment, friendships, and intimate relationships alongside peers who are nondisabled as the most important options. 

Adelaide Simpson, M.S. CCC-SLP; CEO