In-Person & Teletherapy Services

We are here in the office to work with you and your child.

We offer teletherapy to best suit our client's needs, whether it is a busy schedule, health precautions, or inclement weather.

Teletherapy: What is it?
With the nonpredictable times of COVID, quarantine requirements, and recent snow days, your child’s therapy session does not have to be canceled as well. The session can occur online!

Teletherapy: How?
The treating therapist will email you a zoom link via email and you can use a computer with a video camera or your smartphone.

Teletherapy: What’s the focus?
Teletherapy provides the opportunity to have the treating therapist in your home. You, as the parent, can have one-on-one coaching to carry over strategies. The treating therapist can problem-solve strategies directly within your home with the supplies you have available.

Teletherapy: Why?
The key to success in your child’s therapy is consistency. When a child misses a therapy session it can slow down that progress. Teletherapy sessions provide continued support in your home and your
child’s progress.